Resolutions from 2000 to Present

2002 Resolution Prevention of Bullying 
2003 Vicious Dogs 
2004 Prevent Students Left Unattended                                             
2004 Required Vision Examination                                       
2004 Smoke Free Vehicles                                         
2005 Health Objectives Childhood Obesity      
2005 Benefits of Breakfast          
2006 Resolution on Use of Internet Blogs and Personal WebPages                                      
2006 Resolution on Graduated Drivers Licensing Parent Guide                  
2006 Resolution on the Illinois Juvenile Justice Correctional System                       
2007 Resolution for Use of the Growth-Based Accountability Model                       
2007 Resolution to Provide Arts in Education to All Children                                        
2008 Resolution on Children with Food Allergy             
2009 Resolution on Social Emotional Learning                    
2009 Resolution on Tax Increment Financing Districts                     
2010 Resolution on the Dangers of Inappropriate Use of Electronic Communication      
Illinois PTA Resolutions Yearly from 1969 as of 2014