Giving Back

Today, I’m inspired to . . .

Pay it Forward.

Your donation supports new scholarships to ensure quality certified education professionals will be in our classrooms in the future.

Change the World.

Your generous donation will assure the continued encouragement and support for these students enrolled in the field of education or education-degree related programs.

Give Back.

As you consider what the Illinois PTA Scholarship Program has done and make a donation back to the Scholarship Fund, think about ways we can expand our impact. Make a pledge to sustain the impact of our program for generations to come, make an in kind donation (Be sure to designate Scholarship Fund in the purpose line.) or honor the service of a dedicated volunteer or education professional.

The Scholarship Program is investing more than ever in the future of our children’s educational experience. Please consider investing in it: when you support the Illinois PTA Scholarship Fund, you build a legacy of socially conscious and service-minded leaders, connected by Illinois PTA, who positively shapes the world.

Make Your Gift Now
Ways to Give
  • Mail a check to the:
    Illinois PTA Scholarship Fund
    P.O. Box 907, Springfield, IL, 62705-0907
  • Make a matching gift with your employer
  • Consider making a monthly or yearly pledge
  • Give using PayPal (Be sure to designate Scholarship Fund in the purpose line.)

We are grateful for your generous donation to the Illinois PTA Scholarship Program. Thank you for helping us create a positive, lasting impact around the world by investing in lifelong enrichment opportunities.