Role and Duties of the Secretary

    The secretary is the recording officer of the PTA and the custodian of its records (except those assigned to others, such as the treasurer’s records). In the event the PTA does not have a corresponding secretary, the secretary also is responsible for conducting the official correspondence of the PTA. In addition to taking notes for minutes during the meeting, secretaries may make or second motions or nominations, participate in discussion, and vote.

    The secretary shall:

  • Keep an accurate record of all business transacted at each meeting and present the minutes for approval at the next meeting;
  • Prepare, in consultation with the president and at his request, the agenda for each meeting;
  • Call the meeting to order in the absence of the president and vice-president(s), unless the bylaws specify otherwise, and preside until a chairman pro-tem is elected;
  • Have on had for reference at each meeting a copy of the bylaws, standing rules, agenda, minutes of previous meetings, membership list and list of all officers, chairmen and committees;
  • Assist president with counting votes in the event of a rising vote;
  • Send out notices of meetings;
  • Handle all correspondence with the state PTA, such as filling in registration forms and distributing credentials for conventions; and
  • Conduct other correspondence as requested.


Motion Forms