Role and Duties of the Vice President

The primary function of a vice president is to be prepared to preside at meetings in the absence of the president or upon his inability to serve. If the president should resign, the vice president assumes the president’s duties until the position is filled in accordance with the bylaws. Therefore, the vice president should have all the qualities and qualifications of the president.

The vice president shall:
  • Act as an aide to the president, assuming all duties assigned by the president;
  • Fulfill all other duties as described in the bylaws;
  • Represent the president in situations where the president may be unable to represent the PTA;
  • Assume the chair if the president wishes to participate in debate, and preside until that item of business has been resolved.

A PTA may have as many vice presidents as it requires to ensure that the work of the association is done. The number and duties of the vice presidents should be included in the bylaws.