Where to Start

Advocacy is what makes PTA different from other parent groups. Each of us desires the best for our children. Reaching out for other children as well will ensure that all children benefit from our efforts and continue to enhance our communities as children friendly places promoting their health and wellbeing - a safe, and enriching place where they can prosper.

Top Six Ways to Help Your Membership advocate for kids this year.

  • School Communication -Each time a parent attends a conference or communicates with the school they are advocating for their children. Share PTA’s Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences found under the Active Parents tab of our website via your newsletter, or website.
  • Help educate voters by hosting a Candidates forum. This forum can be the vehicle to provide information on where candidates stand on issues that affect children. Check out the Candidate Forum for “how to” specifics to make this event happen for your community. Access National PTAs piece on rules and regulations on political activities to ensure your local unit is in compliance with IRS regulation for nonprofits.
  • Be part of the solution. Encourage your members to become representatives on school committees and attend school board meetings. Work cooperatively with the school administration to educate the community and address the needs of the children within its confines.
  • Be the information conduit – Illinois PTA disseminates information on hot issues and pending legislation introduced in Springfield. Set up a system which will enable you to share this material in a time sensitive manner with your membership through our email blasts, and facebook.
  • Follow our Legislative Team - Check out the Engage portion of our website. This section contains pertinent information on hot topics and tangible ways to address the concern. Like us on facebook.
  • A thousand is better than one. Promote membership! Every individual member adds to our strong voice for children. As a group we are recognized and support issues that promote the well being of children. The greater our numbers the greater impact we have to speak on behalf of children. In our highly mobile society there is no way of knowing where our children will venture. Advocating for all children will make everywhere a better place for them to achieve their dreams.