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Build Your Toolbox to PTA by watching PTA leader resource videos.

Building Your Toolbox to PTA

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All workshops will be held via Zoom, except for June 12th Road to Success. You must preregister to receive login information. Email Jeanette Harris at with questions.


June 7 at 10AM or 7PM or June 27 at 7PM Learn the PTA basics-from history, mission, and purpose, to running the PTA. This course is for everyone! The bylaws require this for all officers.

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June 7, 10 am

June 7, 7 pm

June 27, 7pm


June 14 at 7PM A Q&A session that will give you the basis for the positions PTA can take with a referendum.

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June 16 at 10 AM or June 21 at 7 PM Calling all membership chairs and presidents! Tips for getting your campaign kick-started whether virtually or in person. Articulate the value of PTA to your school community and find ready-to-use resources.

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June 16, 10 am

June 21, 7 pm


June 15 at 7PM or June 20 at 10AM or 7PM Now that you have stepped up to be President, learn what it takes to do the job well! This course will give you the information needed to manage your PTA and have a fun, exciting time doing it.

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June 15, 7 pm

June 20, 10 am

June 20, 7 pm


June 21 at 7PM Share the arts with your students while helping build confidence and self-esteem through recognition and celebration of their efforts. Learn more about the ins-and-outs of hosting and supporting the Reflections program, including rules, due dates, packaging, promotion, judging best practices, success stories, programs tips, and Q&A time.

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June 8 at 7PM The goal of this workshop is to help you understand the purpose of the audit and the materials needed. We will also discuss how to build a budget that reflects the mission, purpose, and goals of the PTA. Samples will be used to walk through the actual process.

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June 9 at 7PM or
June 29 at 10AM or 7PM
MemberHub support. All your T’s must be crossed
and I’s dotted in order to get your tax exempt letter
in August so let’s make sure you haven’t forgotten
to check any boxes and then learn a little more
beyond the basics of MemberHub. This workshop
would be valuable for presidents, treasurers,
membership chairs, communications chairs and
anyone using MemberHub.

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June 9, 7 pm

June 29, 10 am

June 29, 7 pm


June 16 at 7PM The goal of this workshop is to acclimate incoming treasurers to the start of a new fiscal year.

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Membership Monday – Dues Submission Training

This training will show all PTA leaders the steps to submit their dues payments through Memberhub. Together we can unlock IL PTA’s membership potential to become a stronger voice for every child.

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Membership Remix 2021

Looking for ways to boost your membership? Join IL PTA Membership Director, Kristin Klis, Monday, January 25th at 7 pm on the Zoom webinar “Membership Remix 2021″. During the webinar, Kristin will share new National PTA membership resources, spotlight successful local unit membership campaigns and network with other PTA leaders. 
Missed the webinar? Watch the recording here.

How Do You PTA? Virtually, of course!

The pandemic has changed the way we do many things. You may have asked, ‘If you can’t meet in-person, how do we PTA for our children?’ We have been asking the same question and are here to tell you it is possible and exciting the new opportunities virtual PTA opens up. We will provide you with tips from hosting a virtual meeting to holding an online family events. How we PTA may need to adjust and we are here to help you.

Missed the webinar? Watch the recording here!

Introduction to National PTA E-Learning

Meet the world of PTA e-learning. We will introduce you to the National PTA digital library that contains videos, eLearning courses, and resources to help you Become an Amazing PTA Leader, Gain Nonprofit Management Skills, Grow PTA Membership & Resources, and more. And the best part is, they are available when you are.

Missed the webinar? Watch the recording here!

Being A Voice for Your Child

Ever think to yourself… “Someone needs to speak up about that problem” … but felt that you couldn’t be the one because you didn’t know how or felt that no one would listen? Come explore the process and utilize National and Stater PTA Advocacy resources. Believe it or not you can be that person who speaks up for themselves and/or others. You can be the advocate your child needs.

Missed the webinar? Watch the recording here!

Keep them Coming and Keep them Connected

Engaging volunteers is an on-going activity for all local units. Join us to review key activities that put recruitment and advocating for our children at the top of your plans!

Discussion includes how to plan all year to engage current and new members, ideas to widen the net of potential volunteers, the need to be flexible in how we offer opportunities to participate and how to avoid over-managing volunteers. Bring your ideas and learn with each other for success this year and beyond.

Missed the webinar? Watch the recording here.

Who is Next to Lead?

Encouraging others to their next level of leadership is a goal of IL PTA. Being intentional in reaching out to local units leaders and showing them a path is the way that we sustain our organization and help it grow. Join us with a panel of local, regional, state and national leaders to discuss effective ways to develop leaders and mentor them into their next leadership opportunity. More to come on who will join our panel!

Missed the webinar? Watch the recording here.

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