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Illinois PTA Spring 2022 Leadership Series

Your Community Engagement Blueprint

Illinois PTA works diligently to support public schools and ensure all children and youth have equal opportunities and access to a quality education. Learn how to assist your PTA and community with education achievements, community involvement, and high standards of excellence through PTA Programs.

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Do-It-Yourselves Membership Plan

Flex your creative mind in this interactive workshop that teaches how to facilitate a conversation with your board about ways to increase membership. Attendees will take-away a DIY planning tool to help with membership growth.

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All About Your Grants! Grant Writing Basics and Success Stories

An introduction to looking for and completing grant applications to benefit your PTA and the programs you provide for your students and families. Come hear the recent news about the outstanding successes our Illinois PTA’s have been having recently and learn from successful grant writers.

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DIVERSITY WORKSHOP | Valuing Diversity and Leading with Inclusion

A dream team includes people with different perspectives, skills, talents, and connections. During this workshop, we will talk about the vast perspectives of families at your school—members of your PTA. In an interactive activity, you will explore diversity and inclusion. Then model ways to be an inclusive leader so that your PTA cultivates the perspectives, skills, talents, and connections of all families who want to make your PTA and school stronger for students.

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Growing Your PTA with National PTA’s School of Excellence Program – What and How?

Learn how a PTA of 12 members grew to 120 members and became a 2016-2018 National PTA School of Excellence. This all occurred during the first year of transition. Gain ideas for starting the process and how it works. Carry back these techniques and become the next Illinois PTA recognized as a National PTA School of Excellence.

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Start Your Art! A Reflections Sneak Peak and More

Get an early look at what’s in store for the 2022-23 Reflections Program and a jumpstart on planning your arts programming for the next school year. Find out how National PTA’s Reflections Program has been a rewarding creative experience for so many students for more than 50 years! Bring your questions and best ideas to share and “Show Your Voice!”

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