A Call for Resolutions is a Call for Action! A Resolution for the PTA is the statement of a problem that impacts our children, followed by a call to action by our members to resolve the issue. Over the years, our members have made an enormous difference in the lives of Illinois youth.

Report on Young Adults in the Justice System

Delegates at the 2016 Illinois PTA Convention passed a resolution creating a committee to study whether those young adults aged 18 to 21 involved in the justice system should be treated differently from older adults based on the latest scientific research on brain development. At the 2017 Illinois PTA Convention, that study committee presented its Report to 2017 Illinois PTA Convention on Young Adults Involved in the Justice System. The report presents the three areas of focus that the committee investigated—brain development, age divisions, and what other jurisdictions are doing, both in the United States and overseas.

2016 Convention Passes Resolution on Young Adults Involved in the Justice System

The delegates of the 114th Convention of the Illinois PTA passed the Resolution on Young Adults Involved in the Justice System. This resolution, noting that scientific research on brain development shows that a young adult’s brain is not fully developed until approximately age 25, creates a committee to study whether Illinois should treat those ages 18 to 21 differently from adults in the justice system. The committee will consider whether separate diversion and sentencing options for those ages 18 to 21 or raising the age of the juvenile justice system to 21 are appropriate and will present its recommendations at the 2017 Illinois PTA Convention.

Other action on resolutions at the 114th Illinois PTA Convention were the designating of the 2013 resolutions on Prevention of Asphyxiation Games (Choking Game) and Energy Drinks were designated as continuing positions. A resolutions implementation report was also provide to convention delegates.

2014 Convention Delegates Made a Difference!

Thank you to the delegates to the 112th Convention of the Illinois PTA who passed the Resolution on Special Education Issues Awareness, and to the Special Education Community PTA of Bolingbrook for bringing this Resolution forward. For information on how you can help with this Resolution, just click on this link, or consult your Local Unit Packet’s For Immediate Action section.

Take Action on our 2013 Resolutions!

With your support we passed two important Resolutions at the 2013 Illinois PTA Convention. For more information on these issues and ways in which you can take action now, just click on the links below:

Resolution on Prevention of Asphyxiation Games (the “Choking Game”) (2013)

Resolution on Energy Drinks (2013)

Information on Continuing Positions and Issues Effecting Our Youth Today

Allergies and Anaphylaxis

Distracted Driving

Summer Water Safety
Tax Increment Financing
Time Spent in School: Too much? Not Enough?

What have we done for Illinois Children?

Resolutions Implementation Report 2018 Illinois PTA Convention

Do you have an issue that might be next year’s Resolution?

Every year at the Illinois PTA Convention we have an opportunity to vote on Resolutions that have been proposed by our Membership – and every year that one has been submitted, it has made a difference. Previous Illinois PTA Resolutions concerned internet safety, social and emotional learning, vision exam requirements before kindergarten, food allergies and more!

What issues do the youth in your community face? It may be the subject of our next Resolution! Where do you begin? Just go to the Call for Resolutions packet for an overview of the process.

Reviewing our past Resolutions can help you understand their impact and the Resolutions process. Click here for links to some recent past Resolutions, many of which are Continuing Positions of the Illinois PTA.

We would love to hear your ideas for resolving issues impacting our youth! Make a difference today and answer the Call for Resolutions!

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