“PTA For Your Child” Membership Campaign

The campaign is designed to engage and excite new and existing members by making the work of the PTA more visible and highlighting the value and impact of PTA. We hope you will encourage every parent and teacher at your school as well as members of the community to become a part of your association. By becoming a member of your PTA they automatically become a member of Illinois PTA and National PTA. The full membership campaign toolkit can be accessed by visiting PTA.org.

"Thanks for the Memories” Membership Campaign graphic

“Thanks for the Memories” Membership Campaign

Your PTA works hard on behalf of the children, parents, and staff of your school providing volunteers, programs, events, and resources. Mid-year is the perfect time to reach out to parents for a “Thanks for the Memories” Membership Campaign.

Remind parents of all the ways the PTA makes a difference at your school by providing various programs, fun family and school events, parent and school resources, & volunteers for the PTA and school.

Thanks for the Memories Explanation
Thanks for the Memories sample flier (FILLABLE)
Thanks for the Memories Social media messages

PTA Super Fan Membership Referral Campaign

Making personal contact with others is the most effective way to make an impact, share your story, answer any questions, and invite them to join through their membership and support!

Your PTA Members are your best resource; tap into their commitment and support shown through membership. Their outreach of contacts expands your possible membership base, allows them to help the PTA, and you can grow your membership.

Super Fan Membership Referral Campaign Explanation Sheet
Super Fan Personalizable Referral Form FILLABLE
Super Fan Membership Flier

PTA Super Fan Membership Referral Campaign graphic
Share the Vision Campaign graphic

Grow Your Membership Through a Gifting Campaign

Give the Gift that gives to SO MANY. PTA MEMBERSHIP! Purchase a gift Membership for someone special to you. Your gift of membership will not only help your child and your school, but will also assist Illinois PTA and National PTA advocate for legislation for positive change for children here and across the country.

Gift Membership Campaign Explanation
Membership flier- Gift Memberships (FILLABLE)

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