Illinois PTA is proud of our students that participated in the 2020-2021 Reflection program and their creative works in literature, dance choreography, musical composition, photography, visual arts, and film production, based on the theme “I Matter Because…” 

We will be celebrating our artistic accomplishments at our Virtual SPOTLIGHT event on Sunday, June 6. This event is open to all children and families in Illinois. This afternoon of celebration, will provide art opportunities for family members of all ages through the various workshops available for them to participate in.

Adults and children alike will be inspired by the visual presentation of the pieces created by our Reflections participants. Stay with us after your interactive art workshop to help us celebrate our Reflections artist with a virtual showing of the pieces that received special recognition or advanced to National PTA competition. To see a full list of Reflections’ artists advanced to state, click here.


Workshop recordings will be available for viewing after June 14th.

  • Chalk It Up!
    Chalk is no longer just for the classroom and sidewalk; we can take it to many places with a little imagination. It can be rubbed, pulled, or wet.  So, join us as we lead you through the different ways chalk can take our art to another surface… and maybe create a little magic.  
  • From Flat to Fabulous! 
    With a little cut, fold and twist we will take the ordinary to extraordinary. A flat piece of tin foil will transform to an action figure right before your eyes.  A piece of cardstock will stand up all by itself. Together we will take our imagination from 2D to 3D and create unique abstract sculptures.  

  • Self-Portrait ‘All About You’
    This isn’t your ordinary portrait. It won’t look like what you see in the mirror, but an art representation of who you are. By answering questions with lines, shapes and colors, you will create a one-of-a-kind works of art that is as unique as you are. 
    To select the workshop(s) your family members wish to attend, please complete our registration form. If family members wish to attend different workshops, a separate registration for each workshop will be required. Each registration will be limited to one workshop on one device.
    SPOTLIGHT and Illinois PTA are proud to be able to offer something for everyone.