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On Saturday, May 18, families from across Illinois gathered in Champaign to celebrate the talents of our young artist and the Arts.

The eleventh Annual SPOTLIGHT event, proudly hosted by Illinois PTA in collaboration with Champaign Unit School District 4 on Saturday, May 18 in Champaign, IL. Over the past 11 years, we have had the privilege of acknowledging over 4,000 submissions to the PTA Reflections program. We were thrilled to bring this celebration of our children’s artistic impact to Champaign.

As attendees explored the halls of Centennial High School, they encountered the diverse interpretations of the 2023-2024 PTA Reflections theme, “I Am Hopeful Because…”. With over 60 visual art pieces, 54 photographs, and 55 literature works on display, alongside 12 Dance, Film, and Music submissions brought to life in the lounge, this showcase promised to inspire and uplift.

Greg Hobbs, President of Illinois PTA, beautifully captured the essence of our event, emphasizing how the art created by our children had the power to positively impact the world around us. “Children love to play and explore. Children can take that play and exploration and turn it into a vision. The vision then becomes a piece of art. That ART can help others in many ways. Go play, explore, and turn it into ART… it makes the world a better place.”

“It was with great enthusiasm and pride that we welcomed everyone to Champaign for the 2024 IL-PTA SPOTLIGHT Conference. We were delighted to host such an amazing gathering of dedicated educators, committed parents, passionate community members and most importantly the STUDENTS!” exclaimed Dr. Shelia Boozer, Superintendent, Champaign Unit 4 Schools. “Throughout the conference, attendees found a wealth of opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions, participate in enriching workshops, and exchange ideas that foster growth and inspiration.”

Many workshops offered were created by and instructed by Illinois Educators, aspiring students in their discipline, and Illinois PTA members. These workshops enhanced and encouraged our children’s future involvement in the Arts, while providing an opportunity for adults to share the Arts with their children.

The afternoon concluded with celebrations of Illinois young artists with Reflections pieces that advanced to state. Over 60 young artists were recognized on stage including 15 talented students that created pieces advanced to the National PTA level.

Click here to view photos of the day.

Illinois PTA Reflections Program 2023-24 Results.

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