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Region/District Meeting

Region and District Meetings Coming Up…

Register to attend your Region’s 2023-2024 PTA Launch. During this event, we will cover the following key points to help you and your PTA succeed:

  1. Structure: Outline of the structure of the PTA, providing you with who and how to reach out for assistance, direction, or just to chat.
  2. Calendar: Review the Region’s PTA calendar for 2023-2024, highlighting important dates and events. This will help you plan, stay in good standing, and make the most of the opportunities available.
  3. Programs: Share programs and initiatives that the PTA will be spearheading during the year. These may include student enrichment activities, parent education workshops, cultural celebrations, and collaborative projects. We encourage your PTA’s participation and suggestions for additional programs that you believe would benefit our children.
  4. Grants: Discover the grant opportunities available to support PTA programs held at your school.

The PTA Launch will also serve as an excellent opportunity for you to connect with other leaders in your region, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Please RSVP to your Regions Launch to confirm your attendance.

TBD – Chicago Region PTA Launch

8/22 – Dupage East Region PTA Launch  7:00pm

8/24 – DuPage West Region PTA Launch  7:00pm

8/29 – East Central Region PTA Launch  7:00pm

8/30 – Northern Region PTA Launch  7:30pm

8/02 – Northwest Cook Region PTA Launch – TBD

8/28 – South Suburban Cook Region PTA Launch  7:00pm

8/24 – Southern Region PTA Launch – 6:30pm

8/30 –West Central Region PTA Launch – 6:30pm

8/21 – West Suburban Cook Region PTA Launch – 7:00pm

Questions? Please email Jeanette Harris, VP of Field Operations

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