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It's Thursday...Let's Talk - Committee Members-at-Large Q&A Session

It's Thursday...Let's Talk

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Committee Members-at-Large Q&A Session

October 21st at 7 pm

This new program has been developed to bring your ideas, perspective, and passion to Illinois PTA standing program committees without the time commitment required of a State Board Member. During this 1-hour session, State Board members will answer your questions regarding this program and the state standing program committees.

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Illinois PTA State Board, Your One Voice 

Do you know who your state board members are and what they do? Have you ever wanted to be a state board member? Do you know the process of becoming a state board member? Did you miss “Its Thursday, Let’s talk – Illinois PTA State Board, Your One Voice”?

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Reaching Out Beyond The Playground

Every school is part of a community and community members can offer support and resources to help local units achieve their goals.

Collaborating with members of the community can be a wonderful asset in helping to implement programs and enhance learning experiences for children and families.

Join us as we share experiences, information, and brainstorm on how to tap into this valued commodity that can be helpful in achieving the goal for local units in engaging and empowering our communities.

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Creating Family Leaders

To encourage parents to address their personal goals and dreams, recognizing that skills honed as a parent can translate to leadership skills in the larger community.

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School of Excellence, Post Pandemic Reinvention

This year was hard and “school without school has been traumatic”, but Chicago educator Nora Flanagan says we can reframe this moment as an opportunity to fix what is long been broken for teachers, students and families. Unpack Nora Flanagan’s 4 ways schools can reinvent themselves for a post-pandemic world and explore how to use the National PTA School of Excellence program to make the most of this historic opportunity.

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