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Resolutions – From Concern to Solution 

Resolutions guide our advocacy work from the local to the state level. They provide a plan of action which addresses a current issue affecting children state wide in scope. They may be amended and updated or retired and are usually broader in scope than legislative issues. 

Once a resolution is adopted at an Illinois PTA State Convention, the resolves are put into action for a solution.

Do you know of a concern that is affecting children and youth across the state requiring action for a solution? Submitting a resolution can enable our state wide voice to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our children.  Get started now, so you can meet the February 9, 2021 deadline.   

The Illinois PTA Leadership Resources Advocacy files include instructions and information on how to submit a resolution. 

The resolution committee will review all resolutions received by the February 9, 2020 deadline for accuracy and documented support; assuring all criteria has been met.  Resolutions meeting the criteria will be presented to the voting delegates at the Illinois PTA State Convention, April 22-24, 2021 for adoption. 

 The resolutions committee is readily available to assist local units and councils with the resolution submitting process.  Please send all questions to Brian Minsker, Illinois PTA Legislative Advocacy Director,

A Decade of Concerns (Resolutions adopted)

2018   –  Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)

2017   –   Financial Literacy

            –   Climate Change

            –   Hydraulic Fracturing (“Fracking”)/Oil and Gas Industry Drilling

2016   –  Resolution on Young Adults Involved in the Justice System

2014   –  Special Education Issues Awareness

2013   –  Energy Drinks

            –  Prevention of Asphyxiation Games (the Choking Game)

2010   –  The Dangers of Inappropriate Use of Electronic Communications

A Decade of Solutions

2019   –   Financial Literacy Resolution adopted by National PTA

2018   –   Resolution Implementation Report to Delegates

2017  –    Young Adults Involved in the Justice System Report

2014   –   Cell Phone Use Must be Hands-Free (PA 98-0506)

            –   Children Food Allergy: Undesignated Epi Auto-Injector (PA 98-0795)

            –   The Choking Game: What Parents and Caregivers Need to Know Publication

            –   Juvenile Justice: Redefine delinquent minor to under 18 from under 17 (PA 98-­0061)

            –   Prevention of Bullying: School Code -Bullying Policy (PA 98-0669)

2012   –   Cell Phone Use While Driving A Commercial Vehicle Prohibited (PA 97-0829)

2011   –   Emergency Epinephrine Act (PA 97-0361

2010   –   Childhood Obesity: Education-Nuironal Database development (PA 96-1223)

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